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Our Consulting Process

Simply stated, CRM is a database of vital customer information. By itself, CRM cannot improve business results. However, when combined with the right processes, a properly installed CRM can transform a company’s sales, marketing and customer service operations.

This is why Doextra focuses first on the core processes required to meet your company’s business goals.

Next, we standardize those processes with world-class CRM software and customized training designed to accelerate user adoption and time-to-value. Finally, as businesses change over time, Doextra is there to evolve your CRM solution and continue to meet your needs in an ever dynamic business environment.

Doextra knows what it takes and have created this process to ensure your deployment or migration is a success. So, how do we do it?

Doextra's Consulting Process - Prepare and Analyze, Build, Validate, Deploy, and Manage Change
Prepare and analyze customers needs

Prepare and Analyze

Activities during this phase of work include interviews, reviews of existing systems and reports, reviews of existing data, brainstorming, and prioritization. There is high engagement between our consultants and your project team members to develop the project roadmap and to create a level of excitement and anticipation, while also setting clear expectations. Brainstorm “How Will You Know that this Project is Successful?”

Build CRM architecture with Salesforce or another CRM


At this point, we translate the selected solution option into detailed plans and we begin to build. The process is iterative, with frequent review and adjustments as needed by our joint project teams. allows us to rapidly configure prototypes, and we often build prototypes you can “touch and see” rather than create lengthy design documentation that can be difficult to understand and review.

Project team and Doextra validate design, test, and identify super users


This stage of validation is a joint process between your project team and our consultants. Within this stage, we often begin the process of both administrative and end user training. Training administrators now (or even in earlier phases) allows them to participate in the deployment process to users. End user training is focused on pilot or “super” users who are assisting in the validation.

Go-Live or Deploy CRM solution


Deployment or “Go-Live,” is when your staff begins to use the system. A final data migration is performed, your user base is trained, system documentation is completed, and plans for user support are activated. User training at the launch of a system is as much about “your process” as it is about specific software features.

Manage the change process

Change Management

It is an important tenet of CRM deployments that the software should be tailored to meet business process requirements, and not the reverse. With that being said, deployment of CRM generally presents an opportunity to reassess and to realign business processes to meet current goals, metrics, and corporate standards. DCS team members are trained to evaluate how well business processes match stated objectives and metrics, and to assist clients to resolve inconsistencies and inefficiencies.

Strong adoption of re-designed processes, and the software that supports the processes, relies on effective communication and training.   DCS believes that effective training on CRM is much more than instruction on what button to push; effective training communicates the business impact of the new processes and systems, with emphasis on how the new system will help the user excel. This is why DCS training specialists are also software consultants; they work with your business leaders and trainers to develop the right message and materials for your end-user training.

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