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“Doextra set the standard
for all future project implementations”

Customer Story

Stelter Company SalesForce storyThe Stelter Company provides comprehensive digital, print, social, research, and training support for nonprofit organizations. The Des Moines, Iowa-based marketing firm serves close to 2,000 clients throughout the United States, offering strategic, planned giving communications solutions for reaching donors.

The Challenge

Since Stelter had worked with Doextra regarding their existing CRM they knew who to contact to assist with their migration to the Salesforce platform. Nina New, Stelter’s Director of Operations, relied on Doextra because “we recognized that we could get in our own way and overcomplicate things if we weren’t careful.”

As strategic marketing experts, Stelter knew what its current needs were and where they wanted the company to go. And while some customization of the Salesforce program would be required to integrate its project management, print shop, and creative management teams, the company preferred to stay as true as possible to the original Salesforce platform.

The Solution

Introducing what was essentially an out-of-the-box solution for its CRM needs may have seemed like an in-house project for some companies. But Stelter wanted to make sure it received the maximum performance from the Salesforce tool while retaining flexibility to update the program as the company’s needs changed.

Enter Doextra™ CRM Solutions.


The Partnership

Stelter and Doextra had collaborated successfully on other projects in the past, so the company contacted Brad Williams, Doextra President, and Adam Soyer, Vice President of Business Development, to discuss the implementation.

“It was a no-brainer for Stelter to go with Salesforce,” says New. “Then Brad and Adam helped us imagine all that was possible for the platform.” Because many of its clients are educational institutions, Stelter decided that summer would be the most desirable window for program implementation. The company’s goal was to have its sales team ready to ‘hit the ground running’ by the fall.

Discussions about the project began in late 2013, and by Spring 2014, the system was being tested. “Doextra knew so much about the Salesforce program and its capabilities that they saved us lots of discussion time,” says New of the relatively short schedule. “We’d tell them what we wanted the program to do and they’d say, ‘Well, you can do this.’ Doextra provided us with unbiased options. They challenged us to think more strategically,” she adds.

Stelter used Agile methodology to incrementally roll out sections of the software program. This allowed the various teams to tackle each section in a start-to-finish way, which helped spur adoption of and enthusiasm for the new CRM system. Adam led a handful of team members from key areas of the Stelter operation through implementation; in turn, these employees served as the point persons to train the rest of the staff.

“I was surprised at how smoothly the implementation went,” says New. “The only ‘messy’ piece was the integration of existing contacts which had to integrate with another system.”

Doextra provided us with unbiased options. They challenged us to think more strategically.

Nina New

Director of Operations, The Stelter Company

The Outcome 

Launched On Time & On Budget

Stelter’s new platform launched in June 2014, giving the teams plenty of time to get familiar with the tool before the fall. “The project came in on time and on budget,” says New. “And the CRM is working great.”

Building on Success

Building on the success of this implementation, Stelter chose to collaborate with Doextra on another of its goals: replacing its existing project management system. The relationship between the two companies was an added bonus, according to New.

“We’d been looking at a replacement system for three years,” she says. “We thought about having Doextra build it for us—which they could do—but Adam evaluated everything and recommended another program that would be better for Stelter Companies which made us trust him all the more.”

New Standard of Excellence

According to New, Stelter and Doextra plan to continue their association with additional initiatives in the coming year. Even so, the implementation of the Salesforce CRM will serve as the standard by which all projects are judged.

“I will compare all project implementations to this one,” New says.