Say Insurance delivers digital auto insurance products that are transparent, reliable and convenient. An extension of Shelter Insurance, Say Insurance is investing in automation and a top of the line call center and online services to support a new generation of auto insurance.

The Challenge
To be the best Say Insurance understood that they must build the best internal interface to support their increasingly growing call center and online portals. After investing in Salesforce, Say Insurance recognized that they needed a partner who could customize the software to meet their specific needs and goals.
Prior to Doextra, servicing and reporting was challenging because customer interactions were stored in a custom object called Interaction Log (which received data from Upstream CTI). As a result, data was displayed in a long list via Chatter logs, making it very time consuming for agents to find information and difficult to collect reports.

The Solution
Doextra transitioned the team to using Cases instead of Interaction Logs and migrated the solution to Lightning Experience. The migration posed challenges in its own due to a magnitude of custom Visualforce and classes which made callouts to in-house data sources more challenging.
Doextra repositioned the custom Visualforce and callout classes with wrapper components that allowed the original components to be reused in the interim. More rework will be required with the traditional Components in later phases.

The Outcome
Say Insurance has benefited from more standard Case functionality and using a lightning interface helps make previous customer interactions easier to navigate for agents. In addition to making reporting more meaningful for management, Salesforce has positively impacted the customer experience.